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Lesson tag: Psychology

Psychographic Targeting Unhinged! The Zen of Persona Modeling

Author: Trevor HatfieldComplexity: Easy

As an industry we have finally arrived in the holistic-user-targeting future! Psychographic variable research is now the gold standard by which to hold marketers accountable. Now and forever, best-in-class execution means paid and organic campaigns that deliver seriously sliced and tagged traffic by empirical attributes holistically across social and search. Haven’t heard of psychographics? Well, you will.

Personas: The Art and Science of Understanding the Person Behind the Visit

Author: Trevor HatfieldComplexity: Easy

Market segmentation is a basic tenet of marketing that has long been ignored by SEOs. And that's okay, because for a long time working on the keyword-level of abstraction was enough. In fact, you can still do SEO and marketing in any other channel without ever having the idea of market segmentation cross your mind despite (not provided), Hummingbird, and a whole host of changes Google is forcing as of late.

That is… if you enjoy 0.04% conversion rates. Right.