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You Don’t Have a Customer if You Don’t Have Non-Customers

Author: Trevor HatfieldComplexity: Easy

Find me a team that is having trouble with marketing. It’s a safe bet that they’re struggling with who their customer is and why those people should do business with them. Or it’s a kool-aid answer, like “we’re the best.” Well, why are you the best? Who says you’re the best? Where can you find more of those people?

Customer Success: The Definitive Guide

Author: Trevor Hatfield

My original definition of the SaaS Business Model, published way back in 2009, included a tight-coupling of Core Product/Intellectual Property, Marketing, Revenue Model, and Network Centricity… but now I’m modifying the definition to include Customer Success.

SaaS Marketing: 21 Growth Hacks to Test Today

Author: Trevor Hatfield

Below are 21 SaaS marketing growth hacks you could test right now.

Of course, these are tactics and while everyone loves tactics, if they don’t make sense within your very well thought-out SaaS marketing strategy, you should probably not implement them, right?

731 Slack Users Reveal Why It’s So Addictive

Author: Trevor Hatfield

I had this idea of “open research” where a group of volunteers and I would coordinate doing research on a company and publicly share everything we learn including the results and process we used. This is the first article about the research…

Ideal Customer Profile Framework

Author: Trevor HatfieldComplexity: Easy

Your Ideal Customer Profile – ICP – dictates (or should dictate) everything from the features and functionality of the SaaS product you build, to the words you use and the emotion you invoke or tap into in your marketing.